Yakoota, Insurance star Guidance

The Yakoota rating summarizes the intrinsic quality of an insurance contract using stars to identify the best insurance contract. It is based on factual data rather than perception-based collection.

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Notation 5 stars

5 stars

An excellent product with a comprehensive range of features and benefits.

Notation 4 stars

4 stars

Comprehensive product with above-average market quality.

Notation 3 stars

3 stars

A standard product providing an average level of features and benefits.

Notation 2 stars

2 stars

Product with below-average market quality.
Notation 1 stars

1 star

Basic product offering only a few features and benefits. 

Yakoota ratings is:


  • Free influence from brands: Neither insurer nor broker can influence the rating resulting from a scientific, factual, and transparent approach.
  • No advertising for an insurance contract: Yakoota recommendations are not compensated, either directly or indirectly, by any insurer or broker.
  • Commitment to neutrality: Yakoota compares all identified insurance offers and recommends the best contract, even if its issuer decides to have no business relation with Yakoota.


  • Rating Facts and not opinions: Yakoota compares contract actual features and not perception.
  • opinions are nevertheless investigated to establishing facts embedded in the rating   

The Yakoota rating is based on thousands of variables that include all spotted feature of the contract. The developed technology enables to building a factual and fair indicator of contract intrinsic quality.


  • Comprehensively rating all identified contracts: Yakoota technology allows a comparison of thousands of contracts’ features and therefore a comprehensive rating of insurance contract. We do not limit or ratings to the contract of our partners.
  • Regularly updating the rating: Yakoota is committed to continually updating its database and its algorithms to keep the ratings up-to-date and enhance their fairness.

Mascotte Base

The Yakoota software is an innovative solution that enables insurance advisors to leverage AI to provide the best advice to their clients and secure their regulatory process. Interested to test ?

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Yakoota advises you to take your time when choosing your insurance policy and assists you in making the best choice. Become a Yakoota member, and we will inform you in advance of the publication of Yakoota ratings.

Support a sustainable world

Yakoota has developed the first ESG rating of insurance contracts based on a methodology consistent with Yakoota rating philosophy. a factual and an independent approach to the Environmental, Social and Governance considerations of each contract rated.

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Why is this innovation important?

Your insurer can have a sizeable impact on climate change

A sustainable world requires a lot of technological and social innovations. Insurers play a key role as they make risk bearable for economic players, especially individuals and SMEs. Yakoota rating allows for comparing the level of contribution of insurance offers to shape a sustainable future.

Responsible insurance contracts are not necessarily more expensive.

In many economic sectors, offers that respect sustainability are often more costly. It’s the famous “end of the world” versus “end of the month” dilemma. In insurance, a responsible offer is not necessarily more expensive. For example, a pay-as-you-go insurance that encourages using a car only when necessary is cheaper than a traditional insurance. Choosing a more responsible insurance is an affordable act for everyone.

Recognizing responsible insurers and identifying “Greenwashing.”

ESG dimension is an increasingly popular theme across the globe. Many players are making remarkable efforts for a sustainable future. Yakoota rating aims to recognizing and highlighting these efforts. It will also help uncover the unfortunately still prevalent practice of “Greenwashing.”

Augmented Intelligence

At Yakoota, we use Augmented Intelligence (AI) to support smart comparison of insurance contracts, a privilege so far reserved for insurance experts.

We are proud to create the first marketplace solution for a quality-price insurance comparaison through AI: Insurance star guidance.

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